Scotia Boelee joins Moana Project team

We are delighted to welcome Scotia Boelee as Programme Manager for the Moana Project. With a science background and vast experience in commercial negotiations and project management at an executive level, Scotia will assist Prof. Moninya Roughan in establishing the Moana Project’s framework and structure to ensure the success of the project.


The Moana Project, led by MetOcean Solutions, was awarded $11.5 million over five years from the Government’s Endeavour Fund and will shed new light on the performance of New Zealand’s oceans to support an enduring seafood sector (find more information here).

New Zealand is currently experiencing a marine heatwave with potential to affect the distribution and abundance of marine life (see more at Stuff’s news). The Moana Project will greatly advance our understanding of ocean circulation, marine population connectivity of kaimoana species and marine heatwaves, investigating the drivers and impacts of marine heatwaves to improve prediction.

General Manager of MetOcean Solutions Dr Brett Beamsley says the Moana Project, led by Prof. Moninya Roughan, is a cross-institutional programme involving all the oceanographic research organisations in New Zealand, in collaboration with international experts from Australia and the United States.

“One of our priorities at this stage is to ensure the project is well structured at the outset in order to maximise the potential for success of the project, both for MetOcean and MetService, and also for each of the project partners. Scotia’s knowledge and experience will assist us to continue delivering cutting-edge science to help underpin New Zealand’s blue economy. We are pleased to welcome her to the team.”

Scotia is an executive-level programme management and business case specialist with 26 years’ global experience. She has successfully influenced world-scale ventures and government organisations to think strategically and maximise both their commercial and research and development opportunities, whilst effectively mitigating and managing their HSSEQ and enterprise risk.

Following her MSc in Chemistry at University of Canterbury, Scotia completed an MSc in Gender at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2003.

“I am excited to be involved in a project as worthwhile as Moana,” she says.

Scotia is based in our New Plymouth office.

Mariana Horigome