The Moana Project builds New Zealand's first capability in the novel techniques of ocean data-assimilation modelling within an ambitious cross-institutional programme. The project represents an entirely new approach to the way we conduct oceanographic research. The work will bring New Zealand to the forefront of modern physical oceanography, while providing fundamental knowledge for the protection and management of our vast marine EEZ. 

The project assembles a world-class team, who will couple robust scientific modelling techniques with agile, enabling technologies to make project outputs available to all. In this way, we will dramatically improve New Zealand's capability to address real-world problems.

The project involves all New Zealand’s oceanography research institutes, including MetOcean Solutions, the Cawthron Institute, NIWA, Victoria University of Wellington, and Auckland, Waikato, and Otago Universities.

This stellar New Zealand team is collaborating with international experts from Rutgers, the state University of New Jersey, and the University of Hawaii, US; Australia's Integrated Marine Observing System, Bureau of Meteorology and the University of New South Wales, Australia.

In addition, the Moana Project has support from a wide range of ocean-information end-users, including the New Zealand Defence Technology Agency, the Seafood Sector (including Seafood NZ, Paua Industry Council, Rocklobster Industry Council, Deepwater Group), the Ministry for Primary Industries and Waikato Regional Council.