Moana Project: An ocean-atmosphere knowledge infrastructure for New Zealand


Revolutionising ocean forecasting to underpin New Zealand's blue economy


our oceans are important

New Zealand has one of the world’s largest Exclusive Economic Zones and our ocean provides vital social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits.

Our seas support naval operations, significant fisheries, tourism, offshore energy, shipping and aquaculture industries with a total value of over $4 billion. While the broad scale circulation around New Zealand has been mapped, our knowledge of local ocean dynamics is extremely coarse, sparse and patchy. It is also not integrated or readily accessible to stakeholders and researchers. In the economically critical coastal zone, complex bathymetry creates a highly variable and energetic ocean which drives the production and distribution of heat and biology.

Understanding our oceans

We need to understand ocean dynamics and the coastal zone if we are to move beyond business-as-usual within our blue economy 

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